Saturday, January 16, 2010

Generator to control box to well pump wiring?

1) Generator has NEMA L14-30 3 Pole 4 Wire plug

2) overheat switch

3) well control box

4) 4 wire (incld. ground wire) 220v deep well pump

need help to wire this setup to get water.

thanksGenerator to control box to well pump wiring?
Sounds like the generator is intended for temporary or portable use; is the well pump the only utilization equipment you plan to hook to the generator?

What is the current draw of the well pump motor (FLC), and what ampacity is required to start the motor (LRC)?

You are leaving an awful lot of information out of the question; that usually means you should hire someone to do the job for you. A 30 Amp generator may not be able to provide enough current to overcome the locked-rotor condition and start the pump; especially if you are using it to run other equipment or power other circuits.

Also, a generator requires a transfer switch if it is to be a permanent installation.Generator to control box to well pump wiring?
My well pump is a 15amp double pole 240VAC. I got a disconnect with Qty. 2 - 15amp fuses %26amp; made a output cable with a L14-15 male. Then I made another separate cable with one end a L14-15 female and the other end a L14-30 Male. Success !

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